Not My Place
Months of testing and translating go by... I wonder how Bri'An and the rest are doing. Hopefully better than the scenario im in. Months later.. I finally get to meetBri'An after like 9 months. He seems well and a tad excited, makes sense since this would be his style. I wonder what universe my friends landed on if they did at all. I wonder if their also in this universe. This mess hall seems fine, odd but fine. We're flying to our testing ground and I get second handed a high off what seemed like marijuana, sigh. After basically what I believe is deepthroat and ab extremely cold hose down,I go take the test. Seems Bri'An went ahead of me instead of waiting, quite impatient of the young padawan lol. Oh this math problem is way out of my league but some seem to make sense. Physical tests... Not my strong suit. Oh its Bri'An! Seems he passed the test. He's waiting for me on a stage where were gunna fight I guess, cliche enough. Ive already decided to let him win this regardless of the outcome, again this is probably a dream like scenario for him. I wonder how do I use my powers to not hurt? Ill figure it out some day. Hmm seems like they're studying how we're "fighting." I rather let us be more secretive of us. Bri'An tells me to step off the stage, quite the smart idea to both let him win and for less info on us to be known. I'm told that I will be sent to the Outer Rim, whatever that fuck that is. Better than what I thought since if they attempted to kill me, I wouldve tried to slice this planet in half even if it killed me. I'm assuming Bri'An will become some Jedi. I'll wait for his arrival I guess. I'll make it easier for him to find me by making a name for myself? I dont know ill figure it out.
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