We have gotten so much be...
We have gotten so much better at coordinating our attacks, and it stood us in good stead in our escape from the SOC prison. We had to fight Aces and Skybolt again, and we were running out of time, so taking them down quickly was important. We sprang Mateo and Loki from their helmets, and for a moment there I thought we'd have to fight her to get her to come out. It took some pretty tense negotiations to get her onboard with the plan, and we had to agree to a sacrifice (which I kinda foresaw we'd have to do, since we were dealing with a trickster deity, after all). It dismays me how ready DD is to throw herself on the altar every time; we couldn't let her do that. We're a weird, dysfunctional little family, but we ARE a family, and I'm not going to let any of us just throw our lives away.

We agreed, together, on a price -- what redemption we'd earned, we'd give up. Not any future hope of redemption, just every hard-won scrap we'd scraped up to date as superheroes. I should have figured Loki would find away to... well, Loki her way into twisting it.

She was taking particular pleasure in needling DD and Halcyon... I wonder why?

Well, anyway...

Our next destination was the SOC Center itself -- and it was a nightmare of dead agents. Black and White were waiting for us in the basement, and made the usual villain offer of "join us or die," which we ignored in favor of trying to take them down. Individual attacks did very little good, so we teamed up, and timed our strikes so we all hit them at once, half hitting Black and the other half hitting White. We gave it all we had, I think, and it was just barely enough. But in the end, it WAS enough.

Then it was time for the lynchpins.... and Loki's twisted victory.

She put them into us.

There was a light, and a not-really noise exactly, and pain. And the realization that something had changed, fundamentally, and deeply.

WE now carry the lynchpins of the universe within us. Immeasurable cosmic power, visible to anyone with the right sort of sight. And we can't touch any of it.

Not that anyone will ever believe that. Or believe that the power won't corrupt us.

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