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Deadly Quests
25th Session Summary
Arriving upon the first floor and finding the room was partially collapsed. Jarna, unweary of the dangers, begain quickly removing large pieces of rubble to effect an escape. Xzar cleverly placed smaller pieces of rubble strategically in a jenga-like fashion to aid Jarna and prevent total structural integrity failure of the building.

A small opening was created to the sea in which Roslyn sent Pickle out to investigate. The slowly swimming monkey attempted to sneak past a lingering scrag and nearly succeeded if not for a small piece of rubble that had become dislodged. Pickle frantically made his way back to the tower's opening but not before the scrag claws ripped in to Pickle's flesh. The momentum from the vicious strikes carried the unconscious monkey back in to the safety of the tower.

Buoyed by Xzar's fire-based spells and Jarna's swordsmanship, the group rallied and forced the scrag to retreat. Xaehyd unleashed a fiery crossbow bolt and dealt the killing blow to the monster. Its blood now spilled and dispersing in the waters.
Session: (Optional): Reflections - Sunday, Apr 01 2018 from 12:00 PM to 3:30 PM
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