Last Stand
The sex was good. There was no doubt about that.

Graz’zt had an impressive repertoire of skills, and his lithely muscled body rippled with an unearthly sexual appeal that should have left Boudica in a stupor of passion. He was also hung like a battering ram. Yet through it all, Boudica felt only a sense of unease, edging into regret.

Perhaps it was because she still saw Old Alice whenever she closed her eyes, and no matter how hard she tried to lose herself in passion, the pain of that endless torture still clung to her. Perhaps it was because she could no longer think of her scarred, wracked body as desirable, even though Graz’zt’s pulsing erection attested otherwise. Perhaps it was because after those depths of agony, she finally saw her hedonism for what it truly was: a feeble quest for novelty and excitement. She realized, as she lay there beneath Graz’zt’s writhing, serpentine body, that she no longer desired those things.

Instead, she wanted peace, and fellowship. The latter she already had, and the former she could have once they found the staff and neutralized the threat to the Hrothgar and their home.

She wanted something else. Something higher than the flesh and deeper than anything this world could provide. She remembered her meditations beneath the sunrise, the glimmer of transcendence she had felt.

Odd, she thought, that I am thinking of Pelor while fucking a demon lord. But her life had been full of surprises, and she embraced this one as she had so many others.

When Boudica finally dressed and left Graz’zt’s chambers, she felt as if she was leaving her old self behind.
Session: Game Session 39 - Sunday, Apr 29 2018 from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM
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I like your use of "battering ram."
Wow. A turning point for Boudica? I imagine Hell can do that. Great work as usual, Matt.
Hmmmmm.... is Boudica lustful side behind?