Surveying the mess
The ground shakes with each slow but determined step, accompanied by a heavy metallic clank. People scatter from the narrow street to avoid the large, armored figure as it walks toward the scene of a burning building at the corner of a block. Galeric stops and looks around, having to turn his whole body to see from the holes in his enclosed iron prison.

"Plague. Disorder." He mumbles to himself as the sound of a few glass vials shattering can be heard from the fire. The hellknight approaches one of the city guardsmen already at the scene.

"No sign of the criminals" the guard says, attempting to hide the shakiness in his voice.

"Chaos not kept in check. Hmph." Galeric says to himself, ignoring the guard before lumbering off down the street. "This never would have happened if The Order was involved. Such a pity. Such a waste of lives it will be to clean up this mess."
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