Letter to Lorynda Rindalore (Ryndi) from her cousin Riala
The 13th of Hearthfire, 4E 206

My Dearest Ryndi,

Glad am I to find you well, and to know you have escaped the Thalmor oppression in Wayrest. My abrupt departure from our home gave me small chance for goodbyes. Know that we are doing our best to thwart the Thalmor at every turn and strive to protect the empire at all cost. Indeed we have, with keen awareness and a bit of luck, been able to save the emperor himself from their murderous intentions on two separate occasions. The Thalmor are relentless and constant vigilance is required if we are to successfully disrupt their evil designs. More than this I cannot say, but know that a plan is underway to achieve our goals that will take me away for some time to come.

I’m sorry to have missed you at the College of Winterhold. When I arrived there for a brief stay I learned that you had arrived but gone on to Riften. Take care to avoid disreputable acquaintances there. Crime and danger abound. If you are staying at the Bee and Barb you should be safe. Make yourself known to Keerava and she will take care of you. If an invitation to the Ragged Flagon finds you I suggest avoiding it. The Thieves Guild is headquartered there and, while they operate by a code of sorts, I would never want you to end up in untoward circumstances. Stay for a while in Riften if you must but know that there are more desirable paths in Skyrim.

Travel, if you are agreeable, east of Riften to Dayspring Canyon. You will find there Fort Dawnguard, the headquarters of a faction dedicated to eradicating the vampire threat. Recruits are granted access to training and armed with new weapons, armor, and spells. Make the acquaintance of Durak and make it known that you are my family, he will welcome you as such. There you will find shelter and the expertise needed to further your training and hone your skills.

Practice what magic you have learned and take up the bow. It will be your best defense against dragons. They have returned in increasing numbers and though some will keep to themselves, and a few even thought of as friendly, there are those that would storm an entire town, decimating everything in their path. You may have heard tales of Helgen. Consider also a short sword or whatever additional weapon might be suggested by the trainers there.

I so wish I could be there to walk this path with you my dear cousin, but I have every confidence that you will succeed, for I remember well your determination, physical skill, and the promise you showed in magicks while still a youth. As for me, I am already too far along this path of war to turn back and you would be most unprepared for the task I face with my small army of companions. Once you have gotten your bearings and practiced your skills I would ask that you no longer plan to follow me into the heart of war, but instead remain in Skyrim. Reason would seem to call you to join our cause, yet there is another cause just as important – securing the lands of the empire so those that fight so bravely will have a home to return to once the effort is won.

Remember these words: “Be as dawn to your ally and dusk to your foe.”

Much love to you and the grace of Julianos,

Riala Rindalore
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