Session 13
From Zari's Notebook

Day 1
I've finally gotten to meet the adventuring group I've read so much about. Much to my surprise, they are just as capable as Delivered From Evil had lead Raha and I to believe.

They attended her wedding dressed in fancy clothes that I'm sure they weren't usually accustomed to. They were hardly armed, although I think I saw Wykeera pull a few items out of a bag of holding at some point and I believe I saw Midi take something out from under her skirts. Despite this they were more than successful.

They blended in fairly well and made very good conversation with Raha, Eldon and myself. (I got to practice my Gallian!) I even saw Midi sort out some dispute between the musicians. The only one who acted a bit off was Hagar. He had forgotten his name and ran away from Raha and I at one point. I supposed what Thane said about him being "a strong, charming, but simple behemoth" was quite accurate.

In the middle of the wedding Thaddeous alerted the crowd to a group of assassins. I assisted the group in fending them off while bringing Raha and Malkar to safety. It amazes me how kind-hearted and cooperative they all are. They took the time to save a few members of the crowd from being crushed while still tracking down every assassin. It was unsurprising to me that Thane was the one to catch the one who tried to escape.

They discovered signet rings from the house Castorria on the assassins bodies. It seems that they must have been sent from Vulsa.

After the tensions had died down a bit. Raha and I met with the party alone. And after some explaining they accepted the job. I will list the details of this job below for the sake of keeping this journal consistent. It is the first entry after all.

Abdul al-Khaari, Raha's brother, is missing. Raha targetd the F.I.A as she wanted outsiders have not been corrupted by Yalban influence to find him without drawing too much attention to themselves. I will join this adventuring party to help with navigating Yalba and providing insight to Abdul's background. At the time he went missing he had been investigating strange behavior among the Yalban high clergy. Some have been exhibiting traits unexpected of them from past interactions and what I know of their values.

We've now traveled away from the Galmrainian Empire. and are on our way back to Yalba. I will be excited to be able to follow conversation without needing to focus so hard. I'm worried that my loose grasp of Gallian has made me come across as slow.

For now we've taken refuge on the Zephyr by invitation from Captain Tritus. Thane's many connections impress me. Of all things I thought that his affiliation with pirates was the most suspect. We should be in Janav soon.

I will continue to keep this journal as up to date as I can. This way, should I die, the party may continue to have my knowledge with them and succeed in returning Abdul to Yalba.
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