Session 14
20th Sosia

The journey on the Zephyr was smooth. It was fascinating to see where Thane gets the... everything about him. Today we landed in Port Qamsa, purchased some clothing more suitable for the Janavian climate, and sought a caravan to accompany across the desert on the journey to Yalba. Conveniently, Rilka, Bip, Bap, and Dak recently arrived in Port Qamsa as well, had joined a caravan, and needed guard on the journey. Bap’s cockatrices have been growing very well, and are adorable and wonderful.

Tomorrow we’re departing on the journey to Yalba. I really don’t know how I feel about being back. We’ll see what happens.

4th Latea

Today sure was… something. I had been steeling myself in preparation for passing through the Oasis, but I assumed it would be just a simple pass through and nothing more. I wouldn’t feel compelled to say or feel anything, and we’d be in and out with no problems. Whoops.

When we arrived, some unfamiliar and insignificant halflings stopped the lead cart of our caravan and claimed they were the last surviving members of the Greenbough clan. Fuckers were trying to wring money out of travelers and sell some supposed antiques from a supposed Zaharian ruin under the Oasis. That whole “don’t say/feel anything” plan? Didn’t work. Telling them off sure felt good though.

It turns out they weren’t completely dishonest, and there was a Zaharian ruin underneath the Oasis. I’m not sure if it was some family secret or if we never knew. We explored them, and I felt something… calling me. Somehow, I was able to open a false wall and reveal what appeared to be a burial chamber. There was a golem that was aggressive, but then I was able to mentally talk to it, and then it wasn’t. It held up the ruins long enough for us to escape their collapse. I’m not sure why it listened to me.

I still don’t know how I feel about being back.

21st Latea

We finally made it to Yalba. Today’s the Carnival of Shadows. I’m grateful for the holiday… It’ll be a nice excuse to relax for a little while before we begin our mission.
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