August 10
Huricane Hannah

We agree with the Lady of the Rock that we will send her a ship to take her and her household to our island.

We then sleep and shadow walk back to Port Peril. Upon arrival, Adele has a story to tell us, but is interrupted when the First Mate of the Tyranasaurs wants to board our ship, Chambros Egrossa. We allow him to board. This is the first mate of the flag ship of the Pirate Lord we suspect of being a Cheliaxan spy. We accept the gift from the Captain Arronax Endymion and Hector fails to open it until we remind him that he is muted. Then he opens the small box and discovers a small pile of platinum.

We go to his ship. Both he and Chambros and all of his crew are crisply dressed. Captain Endymion wants to assure us that he has nothing to do with Cheliax. He is seeking our aid to remove the source of these dastardly rumors against his honor. He will loan us a squadron of ships should we dash these rumors. There is a small group of Cheliaxan performers who purchased a seaside tavern in Hell Harbor named The Theater of Corruption who are the source of these rumors.

I am 100% certain it is a trap. We cannot get any sort of writ to assure us of safe passage and/or freedom form local law enforcement. 3 performers Gorbeard Trench the tuff, Lady Nightshade the woman of translucent skin and visual effects, and Isowen the Diva (singer).

Adele's story is that Scaggs (who recently left Captain Harrigan) shot Dagon's Jaws. Current in middle that sinks ships and something pulls your compass off course. Thought is that Scaggs shot the Jaws, successfully, to escape Harrigan and then disappeared himself.

Sandra Quinn is off on her personal journey as a priest of Bessmara and will be out of contact for awhile. So we can ask Knuckles Gripe to collect the Lady of the Tidewater Rock. We tell Tessa Fairwind of the task we are doing for Arronax and our method (shadow walk there in the morrow). After that task is done, we will take the ship to Dagon's Teeth.

I purchase a crisp dark brown linen suit and dye my hair a stunning red. I buy and modify a parasol for 24 gp that will hold my wands and my dagger. I need to leave the boarding pike at home.

We shadow walk without event. Jeinko and I head separately to the tavern to information gather and to see the show. It is a good show. I pose as Lady Alexandria the Lady of the Rock with a Tide and inquire about patron opportunities. Isowen is open to a discussion of patronage.

Hector seeks out info in the neighborhood of the theater. It seems on the up and up. Flayer swims below the tavern and finds a body. He uses his ring (yea!!!) to discover the guys name was Harcore Spindleleaf. He was a boatswain on a successful ship who was beaten to death and the killer then wallowed in his blood. I engaged a realtor to look at properties and offended the realtor by accidentally implying that he was Cheliaxan.

We go back. There is an invisible spiny devil on the roof. (I have see invisibility.) Jeinko watches from outside. I see the show again with Hector. Flayer searches the rooms during the show using Shadow Walk. The male actor is truly vicious. He mutilates himself during the show and his scabby beard gets worse (Gore beard trench). (Bearded devil???)

So, we have a devil on the roof, a bearded devil in the show and a tiefling (often opressed in Cheliax) in the show. This seems to be a Cheliaxan troupe. I propose to Hector that we leave immediately at the end of the show, return to our hotel and formulate a plan to slay them all, whoops I mean talk to them.

We break to formulate a plan which probably involves greater invisibility, feeblemind, fly and going back to Port Peril to find a fighter.

I can contribute:
Fly spells
Spider climb spells
Mage Armor spells
Greater invisibility and/or invisibility sphere spells
See invisible. (Personal. Do we have any items of spellstoring). Can combine this with glitter dust but spell resistance will apply)

To attack:
Ice Storm
Lightning Bolt
Cone of Cold
Acid Arrow

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In wracking my brain for details about the specific functioning of the Shadow Projection spell, I recalled a previous incident where we came upon a Chelaxian Opera that was written in Infernal and coded to be a secret message. We might want to evaluate this band's operas in that light.

Notes on previous Chelaxian Opera encounter

Our foes:

1. Iswin - Bard (race not recorded)
2. Lady Nightshade - Tiefling caster (probably arcane)
3. Gorebeard Trench - Bearded Devil Barbarian (?) - freakishly strong with more hit points than our entire party

Sundry devils in the area: imps (require silver and good weapons for full damage), spine devils, probably more

Devils are generally resistant to acid and cold, highly resistant to fire and poison, can see in magical darkness, some require silver weapons for full damage.

Flayer's spell contributions:

Telepathic Bond - telepathically links Flayer plus 3 others in a communal link for 110 minutes, must start within 30' of each other but then works over any distance.
Break Enchantment - to help counter Bard's effects
True Seeing - expensive and short duration (11 minutes) but allows sight in normal and magical darkness, sees through many forms of vision distorting effects.
Multiple Dispel Magics
Disintegrate - I think the Bard needs to be the target of this

Questions for Lindsay:
- What do we know about tieflings? Resistances? Special qualities? Preferred classes?
- Do we suspect (beyond our meta-game suspicions) that Gorebeard is a bearded devil? If so, what do we know about bearded devils? Special Defenses? Special Attacks? Weaknesses?
- When Flayer goes back to Port Peril to get Adele, can he find 3 vials of Silversheen? Or are there silver weapons that people would like Flayer to seek out and bring back?
- Do we know if devils (or specific types of devils) have some form of see invisibility?

Tactics Discussion:

- Flayer's thought is that we need to have a plan that has a high likelihood of getting past the invisible devil watchmen and get a free attack on sleeping foes. That first attack needs to be devastating.
- We need something to limit the effects of the bard's singing.
- Bards have poor fortitude saves
- Arcane casters have poor fortitude and reflex saves
- Barbarians have poor reflex and will saves but if Gorebeard is a bearded devil, his saves might be completely different
Or, do we use the corpse of Harkor Spindleleaf to get the city to investigate the Theatre of Corruption? We could seek out the ship that Harkor was sailing on but doing so will probably draw attention to ourselves and if we go this route, we should give up any thoughts of a surprise attack.

Can we find out if a Speak With Dead is admissible in court?

This is a more elegant but more difficult way of removing the team at the Theatre of Corruption. I think that it could be an less risky way for us to close them down and, minimally, get Gorebeard Trench thrown in jail. We can't prove that the others were accomplices but it might be that we can throw enough suspicion on them that they can't operate in Hell Harbor any longer. Perhaps with Adele's diplomacy skills we can present a convincing story.
I’m not sure we can clearly connect the body to the theater. Yeas it was beaten to a bloody pulp. But the tide Could have brought it in from anywhere.

I am also pretty sure that our directions were to kill off the troop. And I’m not sure we will get the squadron and in less we do so. That is why I thought it was a trap. I don’t think it’s a trap anymore. Did anyone else hear that?
I agree that we can't connect the body to the theater, but I believe that we can connect the killing to Gorebeard. And I thought that the preferred solution was exposure of the real Chelaxian spies to clear the Lord's name and killing as a fallback.

I think we stand a chance of killing them in the court of public opinion and that might be sufficient. But, if we go down that road, then we need to be really confident as we will have tipped our hand.

Personally, I'm fine either way.
Here's what I am thinking.

We need to know if Devils have Detect Invisibility. If they do, this complicates our approach.

We need a safe way to enter the building, we'll have to assume that any entrance is trapped. We can go up through the toilet...

We need to move together, I think and not separate. I say we go after the Bard first and see if my Disintegrate takes her out. If it does, then we move on to Lady Nightshade and try to take her out. If it doesn't work, we need to beat Iswin down immediately before we move on. I can have a Feeblemind for Nightshade but we also need a simultaneous physical attack, I think.

As for the Barbarian, we need charm, hold monster (see if it works on Devils). We need Blur, Displacement, anything to increase miss chance or do damage reduction. I am not sure that Armor Class is going to be of any real issue. It will probably be that he misses on a 1 only. He will be able to see in magical darkness.

We need to be prepared for Magical Darkness. I am going to have True Seeing on me, I can have a second, but it only lasts 11 minutes. I am thinking that Jeinko is a leading candidate for the second one if I can get it.

Jeinko, we need to be sure you have flanking and then prepare to implode when the Barbarian realizes the physical damage you can do. You better pour everything you can into that initial attack, there probably won't be another :)

I will do what I can to Slow the Barbarian, but that's going to be rough as it's a Fortitude save.

Our initial attack on the Bard has to be silent, if you can't be silent, you can't be in the room I believe.

We need Protection From Evil, can someone provide that for all of us?

Think if there is a scroll that I can pick up in Port Peril that could help turn the tide. Don't ignore buffs that might help.
Devil Traits

Devils are lawful evil outsiders that hail from the plane of Hell.

Devils possess a particular suite of traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).
  • Immunity to fire and poison.
  • Resistance to acid 10 and cold 10.
  • See in Darkness (Su) Some devils can see perfectly in darkness of any kind, even that created by a deeper darkness spell.
  • Summon (Sp) Devils share the ability to summon others of their kind, typically another of their type or a small number of less-powerful devils.
  • Telepathy.
  • Except when otherwise noted, devils speak Celestial, Draconic, and Infernal.
  • A devil’s natural weapons, as well as any weapons it wields, are treated as lawful and evil for the purpose of resolving damage reduction.

As you contemplate using the legal system against the performing troupe, you get the oily feeling that this is exactly the type of thing a Chelaxian spy would do to counter the threat the performers are providing. And it seems a pretty obvious mechanism, so obvious the common person would think of it first...