Recap - The Lucky Copper
The first encounter began at the Lucky Copper. The six adventurers found themselves around the same table and began connecting their disparate paths which brought them there.

Leela, a buxom courtesan and friend of Sob Riquet, approached the table and exchanged pleasantries with us all. Genet, in particular, connected professionally.

Conversation turned to rumors.

  1. Are the grain merchants withholding their stock, inflating the prices and starting a trade war?
  2. Do the grain merchants employ a band of ghouls as enforcers?
  3. Children are disappearing from the streets of Lankmar. A noble child recently vanished as well. Is black magic involved?
  4. Is something happening at the docks?
  5. Is there a grimoire beneath the city?

After one last round, the six agree to investigate the grain rumors in the morning, travelling to meet Genet's farmer contact. While in the street, Leela is surrounded by a gang of thieves. She drops a pouch and calls out for help.

Magora moves in and attacks the assailants and chaos ensues. Rafe channels a spell and mist envelops the bandits, confusing them. Blows are exchanged and Flossin is first to fell any of them, striking down their leader. Sob maybe picked up Leela's dropped pouch? No one is sure. A shot from the rooftop archer narrowly misses Tyla and he convinces the attackers to flee.

Leela thanks the group for their help and Genet returns her offered money. She mentions knowing her assailants from before, when they asked her to serve as lookout for a heist. She then says she lost a black silk mask, meant for a private party she declined to attend. Magora and Flossin loot, then heal the fallen leader, named Pelp, and he slinks off. The group retires to their respective homes.

In the morning, Flossin is drawn to a commotion in an nearby alley. Leela is dead, her throat slit. Around her, various bodies are positioned, their faces burnt off. From what is evident, Pelp is not among the otherwise anonymous bodies.
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