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World of Orphel
Arrival in Redcrow
The first day in Redcrow, you deliver Lord Mallet to the Mayor's Palace and he is on the road to healing. Eventually, it's discussed that you should head to Nion to confont Rhaxilicles, as he's one of the leaders of that country and is said to be in the eponymous capital city. Laufran says he must leave with Lord Mallet to get him restored to his rightful place it his keep.

On the way to the Mage's Guild, the party is confronted by a large contingent of the Bloodwood Brotherhood. The party gets out of it and makes its way to the Mage's Guild, speaking to Myryr and Dodeliga. Dodeliga puts a tracking bracelet onto Nolan that she says is to monitor his progress.

The party splits up to gain more team members that can help them battle the Ancient Black Dragon.

d20 => [14] = 14
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 => [14] = 14
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