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Genet Fouts
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The Eye of the Universe
Margon dreams of her god Mortis Dey. She says she has chosen the wrong spot for her temple and should choose a different location. When she awakens, she is in a different location from where she fell asleep. There is a reddish/black fog that envelops the house. Margon is outside a house where several people died during the night. Margon tells the people gathered there that the gods are angry and the house is unclean. A cart arrives to take the bodies away through the south (marsh) gate. Margon follows the cart and inspects the bodies. The bodies may have died by suffocation.

Ricky and Tyla look at the beautiful masquerade mask Ricky picked up. Instead of eye holes there are two large gems. It is possible to wear the mask and see though the aquamarine gems. Ricky gives the mask to Tyla and he goes to the orphanage for the night. The next morning Tyla runs into Valin, the innkeeper of the Lucky Copper. Valen tells Tyla to be wary. The watch stopped by the Lucky Copper asking questions about who was around at closing last night.

Walking south to the marsh gate Rafe finds that several fishermen found some valuable pearls overnight. Rafe suspects that Ricky may have a hand in this and is perhaps the reason Ricky is “retired”.

Genet runs into Mrs. Codsbellow and tells her he will meet her at the Lucky Copper.

Once together, we decide to search for Palp. Palp is a member of the Thieves Guild. Tyla has “contacts” in the thieves guild and reluctantly offers to investigate. His contact asks him to take on a task as a personal favor. He asks us to obtain the large crystal Eye of the Universe from the Church of the Eye for a client of his. The thieves guild cannot take on this task but we can. The reason the thieves guild cannot take on the contract is because the Church of the Eye often hires the Beggers guild to supply “miracles” for the church. He offers 125 smerdics and information on Palp in exchange for the Eye of the Universe.

Madam says Leela’s roommate’s name is Jolks. Tyla, Genet, and Rafe ply her with drinks, money, and sympathy. Jolks tells us that Leela was invited to a party of some sort. Adding that Leela was restless about life on the street and wanting to stick it to the rich for making life difficult for the lower cast citizens of Lanhmar. Rafe gives her some money for “rent” and offers to meet her later.

We decide to go after the crystal Eye of the Universe. When casing the temple, we see Baron Ustov Cordovna walking outside the temple. Genet has to hide and cannot help his friends. The temple is three stories tall. There are trap doors on the roof that are open during the day and closed at night. We have been assured that these will be open for us at night by our contact. There is a basement where the priests live. However, there are usually a few priests sleeping on the main floor at night in case beggars try to break in. The Eye is a head sized crystal that is suspended from two crossbeams.

Flossin and Ricky climb up to the roof of the temple. Ricky lowers Flossin down and Flossin grabs the crystal. The instant he grabs the crystal, two crab like gargoyles morph out of the wall. Genet unlocks the front doors of the temple and looks inside. He sees the crystal crabs climbing up and through the roof. Genet closes the doors to the temple and Rafe spikes them shut. The crystal crabs chase us through the neighborhoods of Lankhmar until we finally lose them. Tyla sits this one out at a bar where he can be seen (not pillaging a temple).

Flossin hears voices (the crystal) that guides us to a thugs’ hideout room with mysterious writings on a wall. The wall has a depression on it that the crystal would fit in. Flossin hears “place me here -home!” Flossin places the crystal in the depression. There is an intense flash of cold and the crystal goes dark.
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