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Heroes of Cambria
Episode 4: Creepy Statues and a Hag!
Delving deeper into the catacombs beneath Rivercross, the party solves a difficult puzzle, encounters a strange Hag named Muriel, and statues that look exactly like them. They also accidentally awaken an restless ghost due to their unending greed. Finding random treasure and discovering the true nature of their Metal Shards, the heroes figure out that an ancient Hero of the area has been resurrected by dark magics. A difficult battle ensues, with each member fighting bravely against the undead fiend. After defeating the Wight, the party finds some treasure, vials with mysterious liquid, and the Brown Mushrooms! Hastily returning to Riverscross, the party returns the mushrooms and gains some gold. Resting at the Dirty Shame, our heroes look for a new adventure...
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Tags: Battle , Level Up , NPC , Recap , Summary