Coming together and the Murder
Mother, Father,

I travelled north as you suggested and have joined with the strangest of folks. Most of them don't like that i'm small, but I'm winning them across slowly but surely. One has a pet drake that we saved when it was an egg, he however treats it as his son. It's quite perplexing and I'm sure the man isn't quite right of mind. Then there is a lady, almost twice my height, can you believe it, so tall!! Anyway she seems a little bit shady although hasn't crossed us yet. Now the next is a really tall man whom definitely didn't like that i was small of stature, and practically laughed when i put on my armour and strapped my sword to my back. We've had a few battles since we met and i think the trust is building - only as far as he can throw me, which actually isn't far with all my gear on but lets hope he gets stronger. Lastly is the strangest of creatures, to be quite honest I'm not sure what he is, but he's proved useful. This one doesn't really like our rations; prefers feet - human, kolbolds and so on, it's rather intriguing.

We are currently trying to solve a murder of a traitorous dragon worshipping lady. By all means i'm glad she's dead, but it seems to not be that simple. Her apprentice has a befuddled brain and does not recall what made him kill her and guilt consumes him for committing the act but not that it needed to be done. I'm tempted to write a letter of recommendation to Father Alstan, I think he'd be an apt addition to the Church.

The war continues to ravage The North and there seems to be betrayers abundant, even within the higher ranks of the military. Of course i can't give you any more details than that incase this letter doesn't make it to you but alas, more to speak about when next we meet.

Your loyal daughter,

P.S. The south seems relatively safe for the moment.

P.P.S. Give my hugs to all our little ducks, and I hope the last hatchings went without problems.

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