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Heroes of Cambria
Episode 10: The Glacier-Palace
Venturing across the Frozen Lake, our Heroes braved the elements and the fracturing ice. Coming close to losing their lives, the party fell through the ice and descended into the abyss..

Waking up in the depths of the lake, the Heroes explored what looked to be like an ancient temple. They encountered lots of miniature dragons, but bested the lot of them. Unfortunately, the roguish nature of the Barbarian got the best of him and created an alchemical explosion which sent the Party hurling through the abyss once again.

Waking up in a colder and deeper part of this lake, the Heroes ventured through a cave system and encountered a Banshee. After a difficult battle, our Heroes defeated the Banshee and continued to a room with Large Stone doors, and encountered the Elder Goddess of Chaos herself, Akoshti. After asking Akoshti how to save the northern lands from the undead scourge, the Goldfish Gang were sent across the world and landed themselves in the Deserts of Dracon. After Finding a huge underground cavern full of untold hordes of treasure, the party decide their next plan of action...
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