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    [li]Rawrence's activities were unknown by Zon-Kuthon and the country of Nidal until recently. Once they became aware, Zon-Kuthon worked to help the PCs as much as his church could, to the limit of actually betraying Slumbersun and Rawrence.[/li]

    [li]Slumbersun was founded by Rawrence and his brother, Nathan Caligaro. Nidal financed the facility due the unique drugs and alchemical goods that Slumbersun could provide. Once Rawrence's true agenda became known, Zon-Kuthon withdrew its support and Rawrence then allied himself with the Aspis Consortium.[/li]

    [li]Zon-Kuthon is very well aware of what the PCs are doing with the backing of the church of Sarenrae. In fact, Zon-Kuthon is willing to clandestinely support the PCs and probably, other churches that would usually be at odds with Sarenrae, would be willing to help. Nothing is guaranteed though.[/li]

    [li]Currently neither Rawrence nor Nathan are at Slumbersun. Vagnius does not know where they are (and Zon-Kuthon did not inform him), but he has heard rumors that Nathan is in Taldor helping the chaos growing there to expand. Rawrence is in Vudra and rumored to be working with a consortium of rakashas towards aims unknown.[/li]

    [li]Slumbersun is currently under the control of a psychic named Kar Zaweeb, a strange creature that Professor Kramolag brought out of the Darklands and raised up. Kar Zaweeb is obsessed with his dreams and is working on a way to breach the walls between the Dreamlands and Golarion.[/li]

    [li]Professor Kramolag is a female human that Vagnius has not dealt with much. She is of indeterminate blood (though Kramolag says that she was the head researcher for a Runelord Sorshen back in ancient Thassilon. Kramolag is powerful, both in arcane magic and divine magic, but Vagnius doubts she is actually from Thassilon.[/li]

    [li]Professor Kramolag is a researcher in the study of alien religions. She maintains several satellite facilities associated with her primary lab in Nidal. Slumbersun is one such facility.[/li]

    [li]Kramolag has captured and cultivated both alien species and humanoid cultists dedicated to otherworldly powers like the Outer Gods, dissecting and interviewing them to better understand the faiths beyond the stars.[/li]

    [li]Rawrence was last at Slumbersun two weeks ago. He spent a day or so here, spending much of the time cloistered with Kar Zweeb. When Rawrence left he destroyed his quarters, collapsing the tunnels and chambers. Vagnius doubts he will return to Slumbersun.[/li]

    [li]Rawrence will return to Nidal and report to his superiors (nobles as opposed to the church of Zon-Kuthon (though he is loyal to Zon-Kuthon as well, it is just the nobles that pay his bills). After that he will return to the lands of the Rho and tell the Rho about Slumbersun. He suspects that the Rho will then move to destroy Slumbersun.[/li]
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