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World of Orphel
The Woodland Lair of Krampus
While in the city of Laen, the players with the exception of Nolan and Tiklun, took a side adventure alongside a cleric of half-orc origin (Bryan's character) that led them into the forest to confront a Krampus that had stolen children from the city.

The players went into the forest and encountered Christmas trees that attacked them, commonly known as Blood Trees. They then met a Wood Giant Druid by the name of Jionos who told them the direction of the Krampusian Lair. Upon reaching the Krampus' lair, they battled with Snow(men) Golems, Giant Animated Toys, and dark elf helpers wielding candy cane spears. Their final battle with Krampus and Mrs. Krampus, who looked to be some kind of a demonic succubus, was victorious ultimately after they destroyed a vibrating obelisk that allowed them to summon the wood giant druid back into the depths of the Krampus' lair to defeat him. They did bypass one treasure room which was full of presents that were actually Mimics so that would have been rough.

All participating players gain: 4000 XP - especially for all of the good spirited fun.
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