My Origin
Soon after hatching, I wailed in the forest and my adopted mother found me after I rolled and squirmed into the middle of a path. Maria Pindelton found me when I was a day old: a retired paladin of Lathander. Ending her adventuring life because she was pregnant, she lost her child at birth. Walking through the woods she found and took me in. My father did not wish to take in a child so soon after the death of his own child, but Mother, believing that all creatures should know the light of Lathander, decided to raise me as her own, and slowly, Father came to accept me as his own and helped Mother to train me in the worship of their god. The priests were not willing to allow me to enter the Temple, but as they watched my faith and my body grow, many became convinced that I could be a useful member of the Dawn Bringers: Lathander’s chosen warriors. The Arch-Priest of the Temple, Omen Drawn has never been convinced, and I’ve done all that I can to earn his esteem. I strive to bring the light and glory of Lathander to every creature I meet so that I can prove my worth.
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