Last time
Right after opening the door to the recently under new management Xanathar base, you were face to face with the city watch. With your swords still drawn you didn't look to innocent. However the captain Hyustus Staget took a liking to you as you made his job easier. He pointed you in the direction of a nearby sewer base were they saw Floon being dragged, and said he would look the other way if you were to take care of it for him. During your trip the party was able to take 4 prisoners, kill some intellect devourers, a tiny beholder thing, and a half orc who you know as boss. In addition a mind flayer named Nihiloor got away, but you got Floon so that's what really matters. When you got back to the hotel you questioned Renaer Neverember about why he was in Waterdeep. He told you outside of meeting with friends he was here to get the stone of Golorr which holds the memory of where the now exiled open lord is hiding 500,000 gold pieces (sorry I got the number wrong during our last session).  The stone is currently in the hands of Nihiloor. When you brought Floon to Volo he says he doesn't have the money but gives you a three story manor in a great area called Trollskull Alley. The party who was there excepted the deal, and next time you will all pick your rooms. The last thing I should mention is you all level up! Go through a standard 5e level up; if you have any questions we can talk about them at the next meeting.
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