The Need for Strategy

The Gay Frogs have acquitted ourselves well, and I am proud of the work we have done. We fulfilled our mission. In the process, we have also brought men who sowed chaos to justice. As a result, our payment was not as promised, but instead, the ownership of the Inn of the Gay Frogs. Ultimately, I’m not clear how or why this happened, but as long as we remain a cohesive group, it would appear that we have a base of operations. On the one hand, it is nice to once again have roots and a place which I may call a home. On the other, we are making rather powerful enemies who may wish reprisal, and we are literally advertising our home location.

If we were at my home in the Monastery of Bian Fu near the FeyWild, I would be comfortable in the power of the Masters to repel any attacks. But the Gay Frogs, though growing more powerful, are still novices, and may not be prepared for possible onslaughts as we disrupt the power structure here in Waterdeep.

As Sensei Bri-an would tell me constantly, “The best offense is a good defense.” Having been together for such a short time, I don’t know that the Gay Frog Alliance have a cohesive sense of strategy. And as the great master Sun Tzu tells us, “Tactics without a strategy is simply the noise before defeat.”

With only the one goal for our inaugural adventure as a group, we didn’t really need to think strategically. But now that it looks as though we are going to continue on the path together, we should consider where that path may lead. Knowing where we may go and having some idea as to what our potential antagonists’ methods may be would certainly help us to prepare working tactics that will serve to keep us alive at the least, and help us to secure the goals of our strategy if all works out well.

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