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Posted in Lankhmar
Oh the righteousness!
It's so hard to explain just how right it felt to put an end to Lord Vannik. I have found my calling now, to not just cower on my street corner, surrounded by my acolytes, safe and content in my own faith. No, I must go and ensure that those who would subvert the gifts that Mortis Dei have granted to us be taught a lesson. Vannik has now realized that humans, ghouls, and ratlings (ugghhh) all have their own potential that they should strive for and enjoy and to reach for the power of the Gods themselves is to deny the pleasures their forms are entitled to. To reach that high is just asking for the hand to be slapped down (or be bitten). Rumors of the serial killer in the Park of Pleasure?!? By it's very definition the park is a place of pleasure, to be enjoyed and thereby giving glory and pleasure to the source of that pleasure, Mortis. This cannot stand. I will not sit by on my corner anymore!
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