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Chapter 1 — Calishite Mores
"Give me that," said Belvin angrily, snatching back the parchment note. He seemed to be able to read the words without any magic.

   "What does it say?" asked Szordrin.

   "It is a private message and none of your business," said Belvin.

   "Belvin fathered a child with the fortune teller," said Hakam, with great displeasure on his voice.

   "Fortune teller?" said Solisar. "What fortune teller?"

   "The crazy druid in the jungle?" asked Jayce. "How? When?"

   "You found her attractive?" asked Leokas in Elvish.

   Belvin muttered something back to his friend in Elvish.

   One of the sailors slapped Belvin on the back. "Doin' it in the jungle like the wild animals!"

   "Shut your trap, Brad," said Loreene.

   "We have all been invited to Mount Abbalayat," said Belvin. "We are making a visit before we head to Bral."

   "No, we are not making any more delays," said Szordrin.

   "I have been with this group longer than you," said Belvin. "I say that we are going to Mount Abbalayat."

   "Mount Abbalayat?" said Solisar. "As in The Phoenix Prophecies?"

   Everyone stared at the gold elf with confusion, except for Hakam and Jayce.

   "Are we supposed to know what those are?" asked Szordrin.

   "Wait, some of you have not heard of The Phoenix Prophecies?" said Jayce.

   "Do phoenixes really come back to life if you burn them?" asked Gren.

   "They are a collection of famous prophecies from my homeland," said Hakam.

   "Indeed," said Solisar, "they are known and studied all over Toril. My grandmother has studied them thoroughly. In part, it was a prophecy within them about the ice queen that sent me to the far north for so many years."

   "What does any of that have to do with the fortune teller?" asked Loreene.

   "Yashiera was one of the Abbalayar," said Hakam. "I do not know how I did not see it when we met her. Of course."

   "The Abbalayar are a legendary race of seers from Calimshan," explained Jayce. "In any case, I would not mind a trip to receive another prophecy for myself; my last one expired already."

   Except for Szordrin, they all agreed that a trip to Mount Abbalayat would be worth the slight delay from visiting Bral.

   "Does anyone have a pen and ink?" Belvin asked. Solisar provided one, and Belvin wrote a short response on the back of the original notice. "I will give my answer, and Yashiera will send us directions to the mountain."

   "How do you mean to deliver the message?" asked Loreene.

   "It must be a feather token," said Hakam.

   "The feather is magical," said Szordrin. "I confirmed it."

   "Your letter had better include that you shall provide for the child," said Hakam.

   "Belvin says that they made a verbal contract that released him from such a responsibility," explained Leokas.

   "There are moral rules that carry greater weight than verbal agreements," said Hakam.

   "Since when have you cared about moral laws?" asked Szordrin.

   "Calishite traditions, then. Call them what you will. Yashiera is a Calishite, and their child is a Calishite. There are mores that need to be followed."

   Belvin held the feather up in the air. "Yashiera," he said.

   There was another "explosion" of feathers, and a tiny songbird appeared, perched on Belvin's finger. He rolled up the note and the bird happily grabbed it in its claws and took to the air, flying away to the southwest.

   "It looks like your child was born before your camel's," said Jayce, referring to the fact Belvin's camel, Kamil, had impregnated Hakam's pack camel almost a year ago.

   "How long are camel pregnancies?"

   "Very long," said Hakam.

   Ferry squeaked.

   "Ferry says that weasel pregnancies are only five weeks," said Szordrin.

   "We are going to be in Darromar," said Jayce. "We could visit Malick's old tower and set up a date for him with Neesha."

   "Ferry does not like blind dates;" said Szordrin.
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