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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
Ambush on the road to Phandalin
The group of adventurers all agree to escort the supplies together, starting at first light the next day. The group then settles in for the night: Tau in a stable, Wizziff in an expensive king suite, Asbjorn and GayJon in neighboring inn rooms, and Kyron camping outside of town. Near dawn, Asbjorn sneaks into GayJon's room and carries the blacked out halfling to the wagon with the supplies they will escort. The group departs at first light (after Wizziff has taken his time to change into his expensive wizard's robes, and after an awkward encounter between Tau and a nude meditating Asbjorn). After 3 days of travelling south along the High Road the group turns east on the Triboar trail toward Phandalin. After about half a day on the Triboar trail the group comes around a bend and spots two dead horses sprawled about fifty feet ahead, blocking the path. Each horse has several black-feathered arrows sticking out of it. As Kyron approaches the dead horses the group is ambushed by goblins! Wizziff engages the goblin archers at range with firebolts while the rest of the group enters melee combat. GayJon awakes from being blacked out for the past 3 days, grabs his weapon, jumps out of the cart, and promptly beheads one of the attacking hobgoblins. Tau cleaves another hobgoblin in two with his greataxe.

The last goblin remaining attempts to run away but is chased down by Kyron who immediately executes the goblin despite his pleas for mercy. Asbjorn stabilizes one of the other downed goblins and interrogates him, learning that the goblins were instructed by their leader, Klarg, to waylay travellers on the trail and steal what supplies they could. Asbjorn attemps to learn where the goblins are hiding out but loses patience and executes the uncooperative goblin. Tau searches the area and notices tracks of a goblin trail and signs that two human-sized bodies were recently dragged away along the trail off to the north. Upon closer inspection, Wizziff realizes that one of the dead horses belongs to Gundren. The saddlebags of both horses have been looted and the group also discovers and empty leather map case. The party then decides to follow the goblin trail north in hopes of finding and rescuing Gundren.
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