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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
Arrival in Phandalin

The sun was just setting below the horizon as the group of adventurers arrived in the frontier town of Phandalin. Sildar Hallwinter led the group to Stone Hill Inn, the only inn in town, before he retired for the evening. Tau and Kyron both decided to retire early as well, Kyron camped just outside of town while Tau once again slept in the stable, as the inn did not have any goliath sized beds. At the tavern adjacent to the inn, the party ordered some drinks and struck up conversations with the locals. GayJon met an old farmer at the fireplace who described Sister Garaele, the overseer of the Shrine of Luck in town, and a recent wilderness excursion she had just returned from. Wizziff and Asbjorn met a miner at the bar who told them orc raiders had been seen on the east end of the Triboar Trail and that the townmaster had put up a bounty for their defeat. The miner also described a local gang, known as the “Redbrands,” causing trouble in town.

“We’re a frontier town, without any real law enforcement to speak of. The Redbrands showed up about two months ago and started stealing and pillaging, I’ve even heard rumors they murder those who stand up to them.”

TeeJak, an elf rogue who had also just arrived in town, was sitting at the end of the bar but joined the conversation upon hearing mention of the Redbrands.

“I’ve been hired by the Phandelver Miners Exchange to help deal with these Redbrands, if you’re looking for a fight with them allow me to join you.”

“Ok.” replied Asbjorn.

GayJon then approached a weaver named Freda and learned more about the trouble caused by the Redbrands.

“They hassle every business in town, except for the Phandelver Miners Exchange. They don’t want trouble with Halia Thornton, who runs it.”

Wizziff also struck up some conversations with the townsfolk; however, his elitist attitude offended everyone he spoke with. Finally, GayJon approached Bronn, a novice dragon slayer hunting an adolescent green dragon spotted near the ruins of Thundertree. By GayJon’s assessment, the adventurer seemed eager but unprepared for the task of slaying even an adolescent dragon by himself.

The group of adventurers then convened at a table in the middle of the tavern and shared what they had learned. While GayJon and Asbjorn debated whether to confront the Redbrands themselves or deal with the orc raiders to collect the bounty, TeeJak and Wizziff spoke with Bronn. With persuasive skill that surprised even himself, Wizziff offered his and TeeJak’s assistance in slaying the green dragon in exchange for 100 gold pieces upfront as well as all of the dragon’s treasure hoard. Bronn accepted, paying 100 gp to Wizziff with the understanding that he and TeeJak would begin the 50 mile journey to Thundertree with him tomorrow morning. Wizziff shot TeeJak a look of smug satisfaction and they reconvened with the Asbjorn and GayJon at the center table.

As the group debated confronting the Redbrands, a young boy approached their table.
“If you’re taking on the Redbrands, their stronghold is underneath the old mansion. I found a secret entrance the other day, I can show you!”

“If you lead us into an ambush I will beat the shit out of you,” threatened TeeJak. The boy was about to start crying when GayJon suddenly sprung on top of the table and performed an acrobatic backflip.
“That was so cool! Do it again!”

Asbjorn scowled at GayJon from across the table, “watch yourself around that halfling, boy.” The boy was already distracted by GayJon's skillful moonwalking display though.

Meanwhile Wizziff attempted to pick the young boy’s pocket but was detected.

“I’m just checking to make sure that you don’t have any drugs on you” was Wizziff’s explanation.

“Thank you for your assistance young lad!” said Asbjorn as he offered the boy an ale.

“What they hell are you doing!?” yelled the proprietor of the bar. “Pip! Get away from these strangers. What kind of person gives ale to a child!?”

Asbjorn apologized, explaining that dwarvish and human cultures are different. The dwarf then pulled a sample of his late uncle’s finest beer out of his backpack, with the label “sloppy joe’s special brew,” and offered the proprietor a taste.

“I feel like I could take on the world!” exclaimed the man.

While this was occurring TeeJak successfully pickpocketed the proprietor, stealing 5 silver pieces.

The group of adventurers then retired for the night, each paying 1 gold piece for a modest inn room. GayJon and Asbjorn agreed to share a room. Wizziff approached the proprietors’ wife and asked how much it would be to sleep in her room instead, but his proposal was declined. Before going to sleep, GayJon approached Wizziff to borrow the goblin anus Asbjorn had extracted from one of the Cragmaw goblins. (Wizziff kept it for one of his "experiments")

“I’ll give you 5 silver pieces.”

“Take it for free, just return it when you are finished”

GayJon returned to his room to find that it had been locked by Asbjorn. In retaliation, the halfling caught a rat that was scurrying about and shoved it under the door. Asbjorn opened the door to see GayJon eagerly clutching the goblin anus. At that moment, the dwarf decided he would prefer to spend the night on a bed of hay at the inn’s stable.

GayJon pleasured himself furiously, screaming loud enough for the entire inn to hear. The proprietor banged on GayJon’s door to confront him.

“Please sir, for the love of Selune and all that is holy, please stop.”

GayJon attempted to intimidate the man. The proprietor was about to speak up again when Wizziff entered the hallway as well, wand drawn, and told him to leave GayJon be.

“I thought these might be the heroes we’ve been hoping for to stand up to the Redbrands, but they are just douchebags too.” The man muttered to himself as he pattered away.
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