First day
So many strange creatures transformed here. Plants attacking us in the fields. Octopus claiming a mans mind on land. Creatures with exceptionally long arms stealing wine. This place is filled with dangers I have never seen before.

What is the purpose of this image from long ago? How long have the pathfinders been aware of Azlanti technology?

I am glad we had the strength to eliminate the vermin of the settlement. I hope that is the last we see of those Ankheg's. It was a relief to finally see that smoke house burn to the ground. Rebuilding a smoke house is a lot easier than replacing a life.

The Grindylow were a dangerous foe. I hope that we routed all of them out of those caves. Their leader claims she never saw the fate of the settlement. It is hard to believe a hundred people disappeared over night without evidence of such a drastic action.

We seem to find more corpses of settlers than answers to their whereabouts.
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