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The World of Eos
May 10 996 Summers End - Back to the Haunted House
May 10 996 Summers End

The Players
Goliath (Sellsword)
Adfric (Sellsword with a 10 Strength)
Phelan Duncan (The Magi)

The group wakes up in the morning. Goliath is not feeling well. (Weakness)
Phelan trys to treat the centipede bite for Goliath.
The group eats breakfast at the Merry Mermaid for 1cp.
Another Child from a local farmer has gone missing. Young boy named Borne.
Phelan reads his herbs book to idenify the mushrooms found at the house. They can be used to treat digestive ailments.
They go to buy more supplies.
Meet a begger in the marketplace.
Talk to Lord Bixby.

The group decides to head back to the haunted house at 1pm.
They move to the upper floor and start clearing rooms.

Room with a large lantern facing towards the sea.
A fist-sized crystal.
3 Gems
Bundles of Childrens clothes
Paperwork on the house sale
Scoll of Shocking grasp

Large Spiders
4 Stirges

Phelan drops from the battle with the stirges.
He is revived by Adfric after they find 3 healing potions in the attic.

Session: Game Session 6 - Thursday, Jun 27 2019 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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