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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
The Slaying of Venomfang
It was the night before Team America was set to depart for Neverwinter and most of the party was gathered in the tavern at Stone Hill Inn. As usual, Teejak was drinking heavily. Asbjorn was having a nice meal with Quelline Alderleaf while her young son, Pip, played with Toblen Stonehill’s son, Carp. Ash and Kyron were conversing with Sildar Hallwinter about potential dangers on the road to Neverwinter. Gayjon was performing vocals and flute with his new band (unbeknownst to Gayjon, the drummer of his new band was actually a mass murderer…).

Gayjon had just finished singing his latest hit, “Goblin Love Story” and was receiving a round of applause from the packed house.

“Gather round friends!” exclaimed the five-eightsling, “and let me tell you the story of how Team America slew the mighty green dragon, Venomfang!!!”

The townsfolk all turned their attention toward the stage. Pip and Carp ran up and sat in the front row to hear the story.

“We had just defeated Iza, the hideous aberration guarding the forge of spells!” sang Gayjon.

“Fowl beast!!!” shouted one of the townsfolk, “I’m sure it viciously attacked you completely without provocation!!!”

“Ummm… Yes!!! Yes it did!!! It tried to disintegrate Asbjorn!” Gayjon pointed toward the table where Asbjorn and Quelline were seated. “Then we killed Mormesk the sinister wraith and leader of the undead in Wave Echo Cave!”

“Cursed undead!” shouted another of the townsfolk, “I bet it made a deal with you and then tried to betray you!”

Ash sunk into his chair and placed his face in his palms as he sighed.

“Well we definitely did not make a deal with it and then betray it! Now, as I was saying, we plundered the horde of magic items the forge of spells contained; the legendary mace “Lightbringer” and powerful “Dragonguard” armor! Of course, the green dragon, Venomfang, had demanded that we find Lightbringer and deliver it to him. But were we going to just roll over and give up our magic items that easily!?”

“We did think about it!” shouted Teejak drunkenly, but Gayjon ignored him.

“Of course not! We decided to use those magic items to slay the dragon ourselves!”

The crowd cheered and applauded as Gayjon continued.

“Kyron, wielding the powerful Halberd of Improved Smiting, went in first to speak with Venomfang, but the dragon was nowhere to be seen! Instead, Wizziff was waiting in the dragon’s lair. We didn’t know it at the time, but Wizziff was actually under Venomfang’s control. The green dragon had used an invisibility spell to conceal itself while Wizziff tried to convince the rest of our party to come out of hiding!

“That’s not a very nice thing to do!” shouted Pip from the front row.

“No it isn’t, young lad, but green dragons are known to be cunning schemers! Kyron, using his divine paladin senses, easily saw through Wizziff’s deception. Seeing that its plan had failed, Venomfang dropped his invisibility and exhaled a blast of deadly poisonous gas!!!”

“Oh no!” shouted Carp, “Did they die?”

“Wizziff lost consciousness, but Kyron had been magically protected from the poison gas by our cleric of Ozrikotep, Asbjorn!”

“He’s my mommy’s special friend!” exclaimed Pip. Quelline Alderleaf turned bright red.

“Haha, yes he certainly is…” Gayjon winked. “Anyway, Kyron channeled the holy energy of the One Above All into his magical halberd and retaliated against the beast as the rest of Team America sprung into action. Ash Ketchum nocked his one and only dragon slaying arrow. He readied his shot. He was aiming for a gap in Venomfang’s armored scales about the size of a copper piece!”

Gayjon pulled a copper out of his pocket as a demonstration for the crowd.

“Right when Ash was about to fire he felt Ozrikotep’s divine energy guide his arm as he received a blessing from Asbjorn. He released his arrow and….”

The tension in the crowd was palpable.

“He hit his mark! The arrow sunk completely into the hide of the monstrous green dragon, grazing Venomfang’s heart! The beast roared and flapped its wings as it clutched its chest with its claws!”

The crowd cheered wildly!

“Teejak, wearing the legendary Boots of Striding and Springing, jumped right onto Venomfang’s back! But in its rage the beast was able to quickly shake the rogue off.”

“I really thought that was going to work!” shouted Teejak from the bar.

“Tau, the mighty Yeti Barbarian, seeing Wizziff choking to death on the poisonous fumes of Venomfang’s breath attack, entered a frenzied rage! He sprinted forward and put himself between the dragon and the fallen wizard before burying his greataxe into the beast’s hide. Venomfang retaliated, sinking its teeth into Tau, but the yeti endured the blow like an immovable rock! The green dragon summoned grasping vines to restrain Kyron as it flew to the upper ledge of its lair and prepared to rain poisonous gas down on Team America!

“Oh no!” Pip and Carp gasped, everyone else in the crowd was silently holding their breath.

“But Kyron wasn’t about to be taken out of the fight that easily! A cloud of magical mist formed around the paladin and he teleported to the upper ledge right next to Venomfang! Our paladin of the One Above All then began carving the dragon apart with his magical halberd! Green blood oozed from the dragon’s wounds but it was still standing.”

“What happened next?” asked Pip.

“That cowardly dragon tried to run from us! It flapped its wings and took flight. Asbjorn drew out the Wand of Nuking Magic Missiles, which I found when I was taking a swim with some skeletons , and aimed it at the beast. He called out, “My wand is the wand that will pierce the heavens!” and launched a barrage of magical mini nukes at the fleeing dragon. Venomfang had nearly escaped, he was about to fly out of the opening in the ceiling of his lair when…. BAM!”

Gayjon slammed his fist on the table.

“The magical mini nukes slammed into the beast, blasting a large hole in its chest where its heart once was! Blood and guts flew everywhere as the monster plummeted 100 feet back down and crashed into the pile of gold that was his treasure horde!”

The crowd went wild, giving the five-eightsling a standing ovation! Gayjon thanked the crowd as he took a puff of his opium pipe.
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