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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
The Ghost of Captain Jetrel
“Now you are ready to do what I could not.” said the ghost of Captain Jetrel, “Be warned though. Even without the ability to cast illusions, the mind devourer is still a powerful foe.”

“How did this dwarf’s spirit become trapped here for 500 years?” Teejak whispered to Asbjorn.

“Don’t die with regrets, man,” Asbjorn whispered back.

The rest of Team America gathered in the final chamber of the Temple of Quantum Knowledge, gaining what information they could on the aboleth by conversing with the ghost of Captain Jetrel.

“This should be a good place to develop a plan of attack,” said Asbjorn, “I don’t think the aboleth can detect us in here.”

“The cleric is correct,” said Jetrel, “The mind devourer can see through all sources of water in the vicinity of its lair, but this chamber is completely isolated.”

“Jetrel, do you have any gear on your body, that you won’t be needing in the afterlife, that might help us against the creature?” asked Asbjorn.

“My armor was enchanted in the forge of spells,” said Jetrel, “My captain of the guard wielded a truly remarkable halberd that empowered his holy smites. Perhaps you encountered it in the mine?”

Kyron deftly spun the Halberd of Improved Smiting, “It has served us well indeed.”

“Do you know what to expect in the creature’s lair?” asked Jetrel.

“We have met the creature in its lair before, near the shore of the underground lake in Wave Echo Cave,” Asbjorn explained.

“I see.” replied Jetrel. “The shore in Wave Echo Cave is but a small fraction of the underground lake that the creature dwells in. The heart of its lair is an island at the center of the lake. An island composed of pure celestite.”

“We discovered a map in the mine that indicated a secondary entrance to the underground lake near the site of these ruins,” said Asbjorn.

“Yes, I assume that the circular spring due north of here must originate in the underground lake. My men and I did not bother to investigate, as we did not wish an accidental confrontation with the creature.”

“So, the aboleth may attack us before we even reach this island you speak of?”

“Perhaps. The creature will be at its most powerful in the heart of its lair. But it will attack you wherever it feels it has the advantage. The aboleth has a memory spanning backwards for thousands of years. It remembers countless encounters with adventurers such as yourselves. Expect it to use that knowledge against you.”

“That will be its weakness,” said Teejak, “I don’t know what I’m doing so it can’t possibly figure me out.”

“I hope you are right,” replied Jetrel.

“It’s just a big fish, I’m not worried,” boasted Teejak.

“You remind me of myself when I confronted the creature 500 years ago,” sighed Jetrel, “how naïve I was…”

“Team America fears nothing!” exclaimed Teejak, “Plus, this aboleth has enslaved Asbjorn’s lover, so there is nothing else to be done but kick his ass!”

Jetrel looked coldly at Asbjorn, “Your lover is likely already dead. Aboleths gain the memories and experiences of those they consume. If it knows you are coming, the mind devourer will not hesitate to kill those you love to gain information on your group.”

Asbjorn whispered a quick prayer to Ozrikotep for Quelline’s safety. The lens had shown him a scene of her weak but still alive…

“Fear not Asbjorn!” said Teejak, “We will rescue Quelline, I do not believe she is dead. And if the aboleth does have her memories then it is probably covering in its cave at the thought of us coming for its head.”

Setting aside his concern for Quelline’s safety, Asbjorn continued developing a plan of attack.

“Is there some way we can weaponize the posion gland from Venomfang?” Asbjorn turned toward Ash.

“I’ll see what I can do,” replied the ranger, “It should be possible to craft several poison arrows or crossbow bolts, but it will be delicate work.”

“Take your time,” said Asbjorn, “we will take a short rest here while Ash works.”

The cleric next turned towards Gayjon, “How are Magic’s wounds?”

“Magic is a little weepy, but he insists on riding into battle with us,” replied the five-eightsling.

“So be it,” replied Asbjorn, “who will wield the Lens of Truesight in battle?”

“You have fallen victim the the Aboleth’s illusions in the past, and you are the most emotionally invested in this quest,” said Teejak, “Perhaps you should keep it.”

“Yeah I agree,” said Gayjon, “Asbjorn seems pretty weak minded.”

“Very well.”

After a brief rest, Ash had finished crafting several poision arrows and Team America prepared to depart.

“I wish you well,” said the ghost of Jetrel, “You are either very brave or very dumb for doing this, I’m not sure which.”

“It’s a little of both,” replied Nutella and Teejak in unison.

“However, the Lens of Truesight should give you the advantage that I lacked,” said Jetrel.

“Your disadvantage was that you died,” replied Asbjorn.

“…..yes….” said Jetrel, confused. “…..It was….”

“Be forewarned,” Jetrel continued, “If what you’ve said is true, and the mind devourer has already captured your friends, they may no longer have their own free will. You may have to harm those you love in self-defense.”

There was a brief pause.

“Anybody else bored by this ghost?” asked Gayjon. “Nothing personal man, but you are so 500 years ago…”

“Yeah let’s roll out,” said Teejak.

Before departing, Asbjorn said a quick prayer for Jetrel, “Jetrel be praised. Ozrikotep will guide you. Tell him Asbjorn sends you.”

Asbjorn moved closer to Jetrel’s ghost and began singing, “You once were lost but now am found, may beer rain down on this dwarf’s soul. Praise to the holy keg in the highest. To the father, to the son, and to the holy beer keg. Amen.”

With that, Asbjorn splashed holy beer on the ghost, causing it to dissipate into a beam of radiant light. No sooner had Jetrel disappeared, Nutella moved up and tried licking up the remaining ectoplasm that the ghost had left.

“That’s disgusting!” yelled Teejak.

“Tastes like ecto-cooler!” said Nutella, as the party departed the Temple of Quantum Knowledge for the lair of the mind devourer.
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