Who you calling Shrimpkin?
Rara was back in her element. These cavers were filled with nightmares and not just the monster sort. She could feel the magic in the air, the energy it gave off was exhilarating. The first of the teleportation traps was quite terrifying, but eventually it became somewhat of a game. Practically sprinting from cavern to cavern with just Valindra and Diogenes became, if to be brazen, fun.

The large cavern had a stench to it, it overcame them before they even set foot in of rancid meat, the musty fetor of decay and the funk of virile musk. Gnawed bones littered the floor, peering through the darkness, Rara spotted a large rock that sat firmly planted in the center of the cave and nothing else. And yet…the sounds of heavy breathing might have gone unnoticed if it hadn’t picked up its pace from excitement. Something was moving behind the rock, something big.

The rock itself began to vibrate, unburying itself from the begrimed cavern floor. A horned head swung around, detritus falling from its enormous tusk. Its armored chitinous plates rubbed together created a horrific hiss.

Valindra’s forceful palm struck Rara from behind, almost knocking her over, the bear’s strength spell flushed through her petite body. The herculean beetle was her responsibility now, Valindra had to focus on the creature’s master, a ruddy brown giant of a man. Covered in crude animal hides with the fur left on, Rara caught a brief glimpse of what might have been a giant weasel pelt twisted into a belt.

Rara ducked as the beetle’s massive bisected bony horn swung over her head, she could see her reflection in one of the monster’s eyes, nearly hidden behind the enormous horn anchored to its skull. She struck. Engulfed by Valindra’s spell, Rara’s attack was excessive. Leaping into the air, she brought Tenderizer down with such force atop the beetle’s head, that she nearly cleaved it in two. Her mother’s hooked hammer cracked right through its exoskeleton skull and pulverized its brain.
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Great work, man. That was a fun battle
Great post. There are so many interesting monsters in this dungeon!