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Genet Fouts
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A New Patron
Fiola Holkat ran off again this winter. At first, I thought it was her idiot lover Gybon, but after tracking him down again, it was clear he wasn’t involved in her second disappearance.

Fiona had been missing several weeks before I received a message from Julx. It was a small patch of cloth with the Holkat crest embroidered in fine threads. I recognized it immediately as coming from one of Fiona’s dresses. This piqued my curiosity as I had been unsuccessful in obtaining any clues as to the whereabouts of Fionia.

Meeting up with Julx, she led me to the docks and to a recently constructed warehouse. Inside, two sailors from the Solemn Vow stood guard over a lumpy bundle of sailcloth. They looked me up and down with scowling faces. Clearly not impressed with Julx’s “well to do” companion. She gave them each a few coppers and their demeanor changed to bosom friend (to Julx), and sideways glances towards me. With a tip of the hat they left and I was free to inspect under the tarp. It was Fiola, rather her horribly burned body, beneath the tarp.

Lady Holkat has kindly invited me into her estate and has introduced me to her compatriots as “her man”. We attend social events together and I have some say with the household staff, however I am only “her man” in public. Out of view, we are at most friendly acquaintances. Lady Holkat is amicable, even teasingly peevish, but she has made it quite clear we are nothing more than friends. This odd arrangement has its perks; I have security, comfort, and friendly companionship. However, we sleep in separate wings of the estate and have never consummated our relationship.

It is my impression that Lady Holkat was not overly fond of her late husband. Madame Vobrey confirmed Lord Holkat had an “open tab” at her “hotel” and the Holkat staff have given me hints that he was less than “respectful” to the Lady of the house. Although they would never say anything negative about his Lordship openly. I’m guessing Lady Holkat doesn’t miss her deceased husband all that much. The Lady is wealthy, powerful within the Grain Guild, and rather fetching even if she is a bit older than me. Perhaps she keeps me around to ward off other suitors?
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