Ruminations #13: Secrets out... again
As a "professional" in his craft, I am surprised that Genet doesn't have a keener eye in regards to the human body. It was a good disguise but seriously. I can forgive Margon because I am sure one tube of human meat must look like any other tube of meat.

And Genet's discretion... as soon as he saw the extra curves he practically sent out a notice to all of Lankmahr. However, now that the curves are known to Genet and Margon, I will have to reveal a little more to make sure they stay on my side, especially since the rest of the party knows.

I'm also going to have to poke around the Ilthmari quarter now too and try to figure out what we got ourselves into. Spending time with a ghoul is one thing but the rat folk... Some of us have reputations to uphold.
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