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Skull n Shackles
Hurricane Hannah

We briefly scout out Garnet Island as we had back to the Isle of empty eyes. On route there we see a ship. It is one of ours! It is Knuckles Gripe. He said that battle was upon us. We head over and find a battle about to start. We organize our forces to attack. After some maneuvering and fresh forces, our ship catches up to the Wormwood. We engage the crew on the ship, but no Herrigan!?! We figure that we need to take the ship then find Herrigan. We take the ship and send up our flag. Most of the enemy fleet flee. Flayer examines Hurricane Hannah and says her soul is in a gem. We get it from Cocoa.

Magic Cloak
Magic Jewelry - ring?
Magic Spell Book
Magic Breastplate
Magic Boarding Pik
Magic Leather
Magic Short Sword (Human bane)
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1 Comment

Loot from the Wormwood & fleet:
5 Points of Plunder
potions of cure moderate wounds (2),
potions of invisibility (2)
+1 chain shirt,
masterwork buckler,
+1 flaming composite longbow
masterwork short sword
+1 leather armor,
+1 human bane short sword,
masterwork dagger,
554 gp
+2 breastplate,
+1 boarding pike,
masterwork daggers (5)
wizard hook (+1 hook hand; see page 61),
masterwork silver daggers (6),
belt of mighty constitution +4,
cloak of resistance +2,
mutineer’s bane earring (see page 60),
ring of protection +2,
jewelry worth 1,200 gp,
7th—quickened fireball, prismatic spray (DC 21)
6th—chain lightning (DC 20), quickened scorching ray,
repulsion (DC 20)
5th—cone of cold (DC 19), quickened shield, telekinesis
(DC 19), teleport
4th—bestow curse (DC 18), dimension door, ice storm (DC 18),
phantasmal killer (DC 18), shout (DC 18), wall of fire
3rd—dispel magic, fireball (2; DC 17), heroism, vampiric touch (2)
2nd—arcane lock, flaming sphere (DC 16), ghoul touch (DC 16),
gust of wind, invisibility, mirror image
1st—burning hands (DC 15), mage armor, magic missile (2),
shocking grasp (2; DC 15)
0 (at will)—dancing lights, detect magic, flare, light, read magic
Opposition Schools enchantment, transmutation