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#4.2 Man in the Mirror
Finally made some progress on identifying the mirror man. While double checking over Aleatilla's house, found a small silver liquid. Had local shop identify it as something extra-planar. Hadn't considered that, but could explain why traditional means were not necessary.

Asked around and came up with information about a "Soul Sliver".
Depictions I ran across describe a solitary predator. Abilities also include minor illusion magic, ability to change into forms they have studied, and the ability to reside in and teleport through mirrors. That all lines up nicely with our suspect.

Further investigation into the other two victims didn't reveal any sort of suspicious activities. Unlike our "lucky" third victim, the first two seem rather normal. They lived by themselves and had traits that would of made them easy to coerce. Several people in our caravan could fit that description as well, though we sleep relatively close to each other. I don't know if the creature would have a way to conceal the noise from his attack.

Local church had limited information about the creature. Apparently they're a native of the plane of shadow. Wonder how it ended up here. No reason to assume it was summoned here specifically. Could of traveled here on its own accord. It does seem very suspicious that we've run across yet another extra-planar creature running amok. Almost every location we've visited had some form of extra-planar event. I need to find a source of recent events. Are we really just lucky (or blindly lead) across these select places or is the world quite literally going to hell?
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