Finishing Temple of Sekhmet, on to the Sightless Sphinx
We entered a one-story building that smelled of rancid oil. The scattered goods inside seemed to be about fifty years abandoned. There was a ladder to the roof, and a trapdoor in the floor. Amestri defused the trap on the trapdoor. Below, there was a big room with more old crates and ruined jars and a well.
A (Huge earth elemental) attacked from out of the wall! It fought for a while, then escaped through the walls. The goods in the room appeared to be at least 100 years old, not really preserved by the cool air from a well.
A bigger chamber lay beyond, with a dais at the far end. On it was a statue of a lion-headed woman warrior-- Sekhmet, patroness of fire, healing, and war. Beneath that was an altar, with a symbol: 7 crossed arrows. Here, we were attacked by a stone-skinned woman, who turned out to be a (shaitan genie). She killed Novid-- recovered by Breath of Life-- and shoved Amestri into the stone of a wall. After some minutes, I was able to talk her into just leaving, once she realized she was alone and the other efreets were all slain.
Beyond, there were hieroglyphs that referred to the "Lady of Slaughter" (Sekhmet?) and her blood-soaked dress. Behind the altar, we found a chest with some treasure inside.
Returning to the outside, we searched for more goods. In a corner of the courtyard, we unearthed the hoard of the desert drake. In the tower, there were maps and a box, which turned out to be merely table-settings. The maps showed us a Saerenrae temple and an obelisk, and the Garden of Symmetry.

25th-26th: we returned to the maftet tribe, and told them the coast was clear to their new home. They, in turn, told us about the Sightless Sphinx, where they used to live. They left its insides a lone for decades, until one of their young males, Userib, led others inside to explore. The lone survivor told that the Sphinx had corrupted Userib and 10 of his followers; these eleven drove the whole tribe away. The tribe asked that we try to save the souls of their former tribe members.

27th: we rode towards the Sphinx, finding a ravine with tracks going into it. THere were four more cultists, watining around a shiny metal statue. We defeated them, they again exploded rather than surrender. The statue seemed to have a hatch in it, and we realized that the magical key and control rod that we'd picked up earlier could make it go. Amestri had fun with this (bronze sentinel).

28th: We get near to the Sightless Sphinx, Ostog sends his Arcane Eye ahead to scout. We see that there are lots of mercenary girte-blelu in sentry posts around it, and only one post with cultist watchers. Recalling that the girte-blilu are honorable and that burial customs are important to them, we set up a covert approach to the guard commander. Showing him the pendant that we'd taken from a girte-blilu that we'd buried earlier, we led him to think that the cultists had killed its owner, but we'd recognized the dead one (turned out to be his nephew) and given it proper burial. He agreed to let us make a covert approach to the Sphinx's entry, between its front paws. We were informed that more cultists were already inside.
Amestri recognized the Sphinx as dedicated to Ereshkegal, the demon lord of greed, portals, and riddles. When we got to the entrance, the door's lintel was decorated with images of the planets. Pressing the planets that also represented greed, portals, and riddles, the door unlocked for us.

Session: Game Session 26 - Saturday, Sep 28 2019 from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
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