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So many souls, so many opportunities
It's been so hard as of late, so many new refugees flooding into the city. So many mouths, so many souls, so many bodies to be consigned to his glorious global body. Now that i have Git by my side it has helped...seems like Ani is just a bit to high and mighty to take pity on those lost souls. But even with Git it has been a tough go. The money doesn't go as far as i'd like. The beggars guild has been an asset but they do not have the money to share either and Boras is always very keen for his cut (as is his right). To add to my troubles it appears as if Tyla has run off. The orphans have either been as clueless as I or rather tight lipped. I know how to pry open a jaw but their secrets are their own. All i was able to glean is Tyla had 'something he needed to take care of'. Knowing how precious his circus is to him I cannot imagine what could tear him away from his prized waifs. But Mortis does not give more responsibility than one can handle. I know need to seek out more wealth to sustain my flock and the orphans. After all, it's all about the rilks to a baby. Or something like that, never really understood the sentiment. Maybe this is just what the church needs to grow, maybe the additional eyes and ears and arms and teeth are what we need to protect ourselves in the months and years ahead. I wish Tyla well, and i may wring his neck when he returns, but in the meantime i will consider this a blessing.
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