The battle is over almost as soon as it began. Solera stands in the room, twin swords clutched in her hands, her breath coming in short ragged gasps. Smoke hangs heavy in the air. The marble floor is splattered with gore. Mother Grushenka; has been defeated; the Gate to Hell is closed; and their mission is over.

An incredible feeling of relief washes over her. Not relief to still be alive after this battle with the demons coming one after another through the gateway, though that is certainly a consideration. No. She feels relief that they have successfully completed their mission, that they have eliminated a major threat to the people of Myrce, and have taken a step closer to winning the war.

Yes. That’s it. burden of being responsible for others’ lives weighs much heavier than the constant threat of death hanging over them all. Solera thinks about that as she cleans her swords before sheathing them. Yes, it is a burden, but someone has to do it. Someone has to be the fucking hero.
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Really nice development of that one moment after battle. It really brings that sudden quiet to life.