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Mage Battle II
Session 1: The Summons
Individually, Turtle, Mythranir, and Sinestra are each approached by an excitable Half-folk named Isik Goldwort, who tickles their sense of adventure and mystery by offering to pay a large sum of Tolethian Crowns for their services in attempting to enter an ancient ruined city and attempt to locate an ancient artifact for him. Each agrees (including Captain Lallia, who agrees to be the group's transportation), and meets each other at a tavern in G'nor H'dad.

Isik elaborates at this point on his knowledge. He regales them with the old fable of Jimothy the Noble Thief, who stole an incredibly valuable gem called Vandoo's Diamond from a corrupt king, before being caught himself by the notorious Aquarian pirate Squarefin. The pirate took the diamond, according to legend, to the undersea city of Iyallatol, where it was never seen again. The city itself - indeed the entire Aquarian kingdom of Seltarivon, vanished without a trace some ~700 years ago (give or take - it's not precisely known). While the tale is a fable and thus probably only partially true, Isik insists that Vandoo's Diamond was real, and it really ended up in Iyallatol.

Only a short time ago, Isik reveals, a large tidal wave that caused massive damage in Sellenoth and minor damage in Pythas seems to have been caused by the emergence of a new land mass, and he believes it to be the site where Iyallatol once was. His offer is to hire the party to investigate this new land mass, discern whether it is Iyallatol, and if so, retrieve the diamond. While Myth is skeptical of Isik's motives and the party insists on some of the payment up-front, eventually everyone agrees to take the job.

After Isik leaves, Turtle gets tipsy and gets a pair of bards to start singing, which quickly leads to an impromptu dance floor and some dirty dancing with a beautiful elf lady, whom he takes to bed with him. Myth and Sinestra just rolled their eyes and went back to their respective rooms.
Session: Session #1: The Summons - Sunday, Nov 03 2019 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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