Miracle Gro
Flossin knew he had perfected a combination of plants, flowers, and oils that resulted in rapid growth of his flowers. Within minutes corn would grow from a seedling to knee high tassels. He wondered how this would affect a living thing with perhaps less chlorophyll. After falling through the bank vault into the sewers, he knew he would need something to help him get back up out of the hole. This was his chance. He quickly mixed a piece of creeping Kletch vine, a crushed crocus flower, and expensive essential oils from a giant black orchid.

He could feel Gerry smiling in his head. They gave a nod, and Flossin swallowed the mixture. The test was quite astringent and initially he wasn't sure if he could keep it down. His stomach settled, and his feet doubled in size. He ankles plumped into giant cankles, reminding him of April's mother. A shudder at the thought, and his calves grew into huge rippling muscles the size of hams. His quads became tree trunks, and his whole body grew two full feet. Finally, his ears felt plugged, and as he cleared the pressure, he heard a "pop" and his head became proportional to the rest of his body.

It Felt Great To Be Big! Flossin towered over his friends and could feel life flowing through him. His strength felt nearly endless. He felt almost invincible. This was the physical manifestation of Gerry's favor. He never wanted to feel small again. Hmm...maybe a little geranium root might make this mixture even better. In the back of his head Gerry smiled, pulled their fedora lower on their head, and puffed on a thin stemmed pipe.

Thanks Granny!
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