New Life
Twelve days. Chapped cheeks, torn up feet. Scarred face from the ice shards that nearly did us in. A ship full of undead. A dragon. While Solera and Rara seem almost cheerful sometimes, I grow weary of slogging through snow that sometimes reaches over my head, and fighting foes I’ve done no wrong. Today, just as I felt on the verge of complaining, my senses pricked that we were among friends. Valindra spotted movement ahead and quickly identified the slow-moving cluster as gnomes. Despite the cold and the fear, I felt a spark of warmth flicker within as they neared. It wasn’t only my own delight stirring within. I could sense a new excitement in Zilni, which only intensified as we gathered together and shared news. They were a solemn bunch, and carried, with reverence, a tiny bundle that could only be that of the dead. I could feel a restless excitement in Zilni, urging that the fallen one be revealed. Immediately upon Wilvine’s gentle uncovering of her face, awareness… recognition warmed me like heat from a long-burning fire. I knew that Zilni had picked her up in the in-between, where we are not yet dead, but no longer alive. He left me to breathe new life into Selssa, and I could not feel sad at his loss, as they were both so alight with a joy so effusive as to make us forget, for a time, that we were in a frozen hell. How strange that two violent, untimely deaths ultimately resulted in a new life. I pray that this marvel will be constant companion in my mind, reminding me that not all is lost, even when the worst has happened.
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This is really nice. I'm glad you liked the encounter with the gnomes, and the resolution of the Zilni situation.