Death of a dragon
Magic has always come easily to Solera. Even as a child, many years ago in the distant north, she had mastered the spells and cantrips more quickly than the other pupils of the tribe. The gestures, the incantations, nimble handling of the physical components are like second nature to her. It has always been so.

And so, as she watches the white dragon approach in the sky, she feels no apprehension. As the rest of the party shouts cries of alarm and hastily prepares for battle, Solera merely smiles and turns to face the beast as it rapidly descends upon them. Calmly, she draws a small leather bag from her belt pouch and draws a pinch of sulfur. From a pocket sewn within her cloak she produces a marble-sized rolled sphere of bat guano. She then tosses the sulfur into the air, holds the guano before her in an upturned palm and speaks a magic charm while gesturing over it. Suddenly, the guano ignites and darts off, speeding towards the dragon.

Solera has always been proud of this spell. It was considered the mark of a true wizard to be able to cast it, and its mastery was seen as a real badge of honor. And so it is with deep satisfaction that she watches the fireball explode, engulfing the dragon in flames. The evil thing screams in agony as, wings ablaze, it hurtles like a fiery comet from the sky to crash into the ice plain. The others remain silent for several moments, just staring at the smoke trail in the sky. Then, having put their weapons away, they resume their journey.
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I still can't believe you killed a DRAGON in one shot. Nice description of the spell casting process, and nice character development!