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Genet Fouts
Posted in Lankhmar
Rats and Pearls
Genet asks Marat and Margon to enter the sewers first. Once in the sewers, a herd of rats comes towards us shepherded by a figure with a lantern. The man is moving through the sewers on a boat. It's a rat catcher! Marat does some strange incantation, but it doesn’t seem to work on the rats.

The rat catcher, Krully, hasn’t seen anything unusual. He gives us directions towards the thieves guild. He has a partner, but hasn’t seen him in a while.

Marat speaks with the rats. They tell him that two footed predators have been eating them. On the bright side, there are good scraps. No one seems to think it odd that Marat can speak with them. What’s up with that?!

We find the scraps of Krully’s friend. The rats tell Marat that they found the body. They didn’t kill Krully’s friend.

Behind the pile of human remains are the shattered pieces of one of the pearls. Could these pearls be eggs? There are scraps of more than one human body.

We decide to head further down this tunnel instead of going to the thieves guild. It is a dead end.

We double back and head towards the thieves guild.

We see a pearlescent light coming towards us. Marat and Margon recognize that it isn’t another rat catcher. Its some sort of monster with a light on its head. The light mesmerizes anyone who looks at it. We kill two of the monsters.

We head down a different passage and find another pile of corpses at the base of a waterfall. There are many shards of pearls. They appear to be shells ---like egg shells.

We hear screams from the streets above. Genet rushes in and attacks two of the monsters. With help from the city watch, we kill these two. The citizens of Lankhmar cheer our actions when we hear more screams down the street. That must mean the last two! After a short chase Flossin kills one by throwing his spear and hitting one in the back.
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