Why Yell when You Can Whisper?
Precious few thing are predictable now: cold, death, and the almost amusing power of Valindra and Solera. There are moments when I nearly feel sorry for the creatures foolhardy enough to challenge us. The ease with which they dispense with formidable foes is a wonderment, and one that lulls me into a sense of confidence and security. I have grown accustomed to moving between their feet or hovering just overhead, lighting up their targets and distracting and weakening where I can. I didn’t fully realize until today just how strongly I depended on the idea that they will ultimately take out anyone standing between us and survival.

When the moment came and Valindra put her bow away and instead drew her long sword, I heard myself utter a prayer for Whisper. Whisper is the truest of friends, seldom missing and lethal to her core, an extension of the elf herself. I felt myself dancing nervously in the air, terrified for us all. I had rarely observed Valindra with a sword, and wondered at her motivation now, when faced with these beasts, who outnumbered us badly in their territory. Only later I conceded that she is just as competent with a sword, but it frightened me nonetheless. The odds of a death blow seem far greater the closer we have to be. I would just as soon battle from afar, watching with confidence as arrows and arcs of fire slice the air.
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Thank you for your kind words, my brave Forest Sister. May you always feel safe when within Whisper's reach. Yet know too that we would be nowhere without your eldritch pow'r as well. Q Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo*

*["A star shone upon the hour of our meeting" an elvish saying reserved for dear friends]
Really cool perspective. It was quite something to see Valindra use a sword!
Cool perspective on Valindra’s switch up