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The First Research Station
The lands at the location of the first research station. The island is almost entirely under the Nethersea. The main crew disembarks but Hannigan keeps the ship aloft so as to avoid getting torn up in the storm. The crew finds the remains of an old research tower - though it has since collapsed. It is here that the crew is best upon by raging Orcs. No one in the party speaks Orc. The Orcs soon flee as the storm flares. The party seeks shelter in cave outside of which are skulls on pikes. Within the cave, they realize that they have found the research station but it seems abandoned. As they explore, they find bits of journal entries by Plintus of Fraytes:

Journal Entry 1

We came to research the Nether and the fiends that creep, crawl, and climb from its depths. But we found something much more intriguing. A stone of great magical resonance, inscribed with ancient runes. It is made entirely of Orichalcum. This could very well be Orichalcum in its purest form. None save the eyes of the Forgers have been laid on such a sight.

Journal Entry 2

The Netherfeinds appear to be drawn to the stone like moths to a flame. The stone itself is a tremendous source of magical energy. We have been using its power to fuel our experimentation. We have set up a device that siphons the energies from the stone at regular intervals. This has shown to create beacon of sorts, attracting the fiends to the source.

Journal Entry 3

The Orcs have been of great service to us. Their minds are simple, easily manipulated with magic and other means. They are certainly workhorses. Those that can’t work, well...we have found other uses for them.

Journal Entry 4

There is something else in the depths. Something far more terrifying that the netherfiends. I can hear it scratching the echoing cave walls beneath the station as though it were drawing it’s claws across the inside of my skull.

Journal Entry 5

They’re the crazy ones, not me! The maddening pulse of the damn stone. Can no one else feel their blood pulsing? I can’t concentrate on my damned research!

Journal Entry 6

It is quiet now. So very quiet.

As they explore the station, they see strange reddish roots that have grown everywhere. They also learn that the Vitacrucians here were experimenting on Orcs. As the explore deeper, they realize that the roots are actually tentacles of a horrific Netherbeast that has fused with the pure Orichalcum stone found here. Plintus is alive and attacks the party seemingly in the thrall of the beast. The crew defeats the beast which recedes into the caverns. Miles helps Thales record the Runic symbols written upon the Orcichalcum stone. The cave begins to collapse so the crew flees back out into the storm dragging a mostly inert Plintus with them. They re-encounter the Orcs and befriend them. They are without a home and so they climb aboard the Sol Regret.
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