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Adrift and Alone
On the way to the second research station, the party gets to know the Orcs a little better. Their leader speaks some broken Drift Common. Her name is Goturk. Their people long ago migrated on the backs of winged reptiles and ended up finding a home near the first research station. Living conditions have since become grim.

The party lands on an island mid-way to the second research station. They find a small farm but there doesn't appear to be anyone inside. They investigate and find a young Bugbear girl. She tells them that a monster came in the night and took her family. The crew takes the girl and heads into the small town which is all but abandoned. There, they meet a Bugbear named Khilk. He is overly optimistic about his people all being taken by the monster. The party waits for the monster that night. When the beast comes, they attack and kill it. Then they follow it's tracks to a cave where it had three children. They slay all the monsters and return the paralyzed townsfolk to their homes.

Given that the population was decimated here and that these Bugbears will need protection, the Orcs decide to live among the Bugbears. Except for Agebar, who has taken a liking to Thales. Khilk also decides to go with the crew and become the ship's chef.
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