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The Third Research Station
The crew makes their way to the third and final research station. Ostus-bot tells them that with the data from the final station, they should be able to pinpoint the location of Kanthamar. As they approach, they are beset by the Conciliatory frigate. Captain Orwyse commands that they halt and be boarded. While Captain Sharpe is otherwise indisposed, Bragg takes the role of captain. He tells Hannigan to veer into the large chaos storm ahead to try to lose the frigate. In the storm the frigate closes in only to be suddenly torn in two by a massive green beam fired from below. The frigate crashes.

Hannigan brings the Sol Regret to ground as gently as possible. The away crew disembarks and begins to investigate. They find a windmill in the storm and enter. There, they are attacked by Netherbeasts. They are rescued by a band of Kenku who take the crew to their underground living facilities beneath a ruined town. The Kenku explain that this used to be a fertile land until the Unchained came. They are the cult that carries on the will of the forsaken Forger known as Chainbreaker. Since the Unchained have taken residence and started magical expirimentation, the Nether storm took hold and has been raging endlessly. The Kenku agree to lead the crew to the Unchained facilities (which are magically protected from the storm. Along the way, they come across Bragg's old Conciliatory companion, Zel. She is separated from her crew and joins the party for safety.

The crew reaches the edge of the Unchained facility and using dispel magic, they break a hole in the magical barrier. Inside the massive magical dome is a township. They overhear a cultist leader speaking to a crowd. Now that their weapon is operational, they will finally be able to carry out Chainbreaker's will and destroy the chains that bind the Provinces to the Nethersea below.

The crew breaks into the Vitacrucian research station which appears to have been long since abandoned. They make their way into the tunnels beneath and encounter cultists patrolling the halls. They defeat two of the cultist and make their way deeper into the facility...
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