A Record of the Adventures of the Great Prospector and Illusionist Stumblesparkle, Chapter 18
On the morning of the seventh of Mirtul, the Year of Nightsilver, Stumblesparkle, the great prospector, woke up, performed her morning exercises, and began her day's adventure. The following account is most true and accurate.

For breakfast, she ate raisins and pears and a bit of cheese.

The day had at last come. She stripped off her garments and firstly cast a spell to make herself invisible. Next, she opened her eyes to see the true form of things. Finally, she cast a spell to grant her the power of flight. Up to the top of the dodecahedron she flew.

After several hours of miscellaneous manipulations and careful specialized spellcasting, she succeeded in unlocking the "door". The door did not open so much as she found herself falling through one of the twelve sides of the keep. There she was, floating peacefully in nothing but the skin in which she was born. Thankfully, she was also invisible.

She shivered from the bitter cold, another downside of the lack of clothing. The air was moist and humid. The cold seemed to be coming from the... "crystal".

There it was, at the center of the dodecahedral chamber, a grotesque, writhing, wriggling mash of silently screaming genie faces, morphing in and out of each other.

The great prospector, despite her usual bravery, nearly lost her raisins, pears, and bit of cheese.

On the other hand, she felt a strange surge of power, as if her tiny, delicate muscles were rippling with strength.

The genies did not seem to be happy all squished together like this.

The walls of the chamber were covered in sharp blades and razors. Thankfully, the great prospector continued to float. There was no gravity there.

She had to avoid an arc of positive energy that shot from the writhing "crystal" to one of the walls and did so with great finesse. The narrator can confirm this with all honesty. It in no way struck her on the backside. Had it done so, she might have found that the scratch that she had on her knee from the previous day's adventure had been supernaturally repaired.

A few seconds later, and there was another spark. This one was the color of negative energy. She avoided it as well. Time passed and with it came another negative arc. This one struck the baelnorn.

The narrator forgot to mention that the elven lich sitteth, or rather floateth, placidly in the space above the wriggling mush of faces. In the present case, his eyes remained closed, meditating on his boredom, most likely, seemingly oblivious to being shocked with a red-colored bolt of undead-awakening power.

The lich kept boring company in his boring chamber, a pack of boring air elementals, who were quite dull in their behaviors or lack of them.

Then the melancholy lich opened his slanted eyes and wiggled his pointed ears and looked like he had just seen a stranger in a disrobed state.

It was then that the great prospector realized that her first spell had faded. She quickly covered her modesty and smiled sheepishly at the millennia-old tel-quessir, who, it is noted, did not appear amused.

Now the dull, boring air elementals suddenly seemed excited and very un-bored, and began spinning into little whirlwinds. The narrator suspecteth that they wanted to blow and bash and break the tiny, fragile protagonist against the razor walls. How hospitable!

Her second spell had also faded by now, of course, which meant that the great prospector now saw a large diamond where once the genie-faced horror floated. (The prospector counted some 30 facets on two sides, before contemplating that counting faces on an illusory diamond was not the wisest choice of action when a dozen whirlwinds and an angry baelnorn were about to annihilate her.) Though it was utter darkness in the chamber otherwise, the crystal shone with its own light, as if reflecting the sun.

As the narrator hath already described, the prospector had pondered the wisdom of counting instead of fleeing, and as it so happened, the power that she felt seemingly extended to more than just her little gnomish muscles. In the next moment, just before the first creature of air flew against her, she wished to be absent from her present company and found herself in Pandesmos without any equipment or clothing.

Apparently, she could now plane shift. Fascinating.

Perhaps, she pondered, she should have planned her exit strategy a bit better than she had.

For dinner, the great prospector used her new, fading genie powers to create raisins, pears, and a bit of cheese, items that she fancied, if it hath not already been noticed.

The narrator will describe the adventure of how Stumblesparkle simultaneously returns to the Material Plane and manages to conserve her modesty in the next exciting chapter.
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