Bramble Cocktail and Session 6 Notes
Bramble Cocktail

2 oz Gin
1 oz Lemon juice
3/8 oz Simple syrup
Crushed ice
1/2 oz Blackberry liqueur
Lemon half-wheel
Fresh blackberry

Shake together the gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup with ice and strain into a glass over crushed ice. Lace over top with the blackberry liqueur and garnish with the lemon half-wheel and fresh blackberry.

6th Session Notes
Tagrimm's faith pulled us through and a strange owl gave all of us but Faith and Vasili a ride through the Margreve. It gave us some advice and we found a tree surrounded by blueberries and garlic. In helping out the Margreve, we were tricked by a girl in a tower and attacked. Tagrimm managed to kill her with some cursed brambles, luckily. I should probably stick to helping others out. Tagrimm is faithful and Burly is good at camouflage.
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