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The Red Glove
Leif was presented with a red glove from his sister, delivered by one of her company. He explained that this meant he had to do a special training session with her.

The party attended the training session, at which the only other person present was a medic from Liv's company. Unusually, they fought in full armour and with real weapons rather than training ones. They did not pull any blows and kept fighting full out until Leif was downed. At which point Liv scarred him on the shoulder before letting Khamila attend him.

Leif did not seem bothered when he was healed back to consciousness, and in fact hugged his sister and thanked her, ruefully declaring that one day he would be the one to beat her.
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1 Comment

Martel bid on Leif 30 gold pieces and lost a fortune to his sister, when his friend was knocked unconscious.
Although he successfully throw coin bag at her! d20 + 3 => [10] = 13
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 3 => [10] = 13