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The Realm of Stars
Within the tunnels beneath the abandoned research station, the crew finds a Gnome named Yoston Briros imprisoned. He is a scientist for the Unchained. He explains that the Unchained opened a portal to the Realm of Stars and used the energies there to power their beam weapon. Yoston feared that they had gone too far - that the beam weapon was unstable and could kill them all. He also said that strange beings were coming through the portal and attacking their men. Yoston agrees to guide them to the portal if they would help shut it down.

The crew's first stop is the Arcanum. They fight cultist their and defeat the mages powering the Arcanum. When it is finally offline, the protective magical barrier around the town is shut down. The Chaos storm rages and elemental effects drive the cultist into panic. Using the ensuing confusion, the crew makes their way to the beam weapon. There they encounter strange humanoids whose bodies are like peering into a starry nebula. They attack the cultist and the party alike. The party leaps through the portal and find themselves on a massive island made entire of orichalcum floating in the blackness of the Realm of Stars. They fight off the Voidlings until they hear an odd reverberation. Gravity suddenly shifts and the party is hurled up then crash back down. The Voidlings flee. The crew climbs an impossibly large staircase - each step ten feet tall - and at the top they encounter what can only be described as a Void Dragon. It's body appearing to be made of the stars themselves. They eventually weaken the Dragon sufficiently and the link between the dragon and the weapon breaks. The Dragon flees.
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