Notes 1/10/2020
Notes January 10, 2020
No Name

As we look around the room, it is dull and blacken. There are haunting eyes from the statues. There is a door at the other end of the hall. There are three figures in wealthy garb that tell us that Zin is not available that this time for a meeting.

The rune giant realizes we are not going to the boat and attacks! Pythia does 140 damage to it. The battle was challenging and No Name is hit hard. But someone we succeed! We look around the structure and find no other entrance. We go back to the door and it is still open! Luddite is invisible and Zubin is air walking but the three figures appear and repeat the same message. Pythia goes by corporeal and goes to the next room. We plan to use dimension door to get pass the three figures.
Pythia talks to her ancestors about what she saw in the room. We find out that the corpse is “sort of Xin” and figure out our plan of attack. Pythia goes back in and speaks to the three figures with the Sihedron. She manages to use diplomacy and the three figures allow us to pass unharmed. We see a throne in the room. Two lines of motionless automatons stand at attention in the room. Below the floor is glass and you see water with glow fish. There are several doors and a hallway to the left of the doorway.
There is a mortally wounded corpse on the throne. There is a metal circulate on his head. Pythia goes in and offered to provide assistance to Xin. We try to not to show that we have the Sihedron, so we deactivate it. Xin seems to become more “with it” the more the party talks to him. Xin stands up and create a vision that shows how the crystal palace was created. After that Xin tells his followers to attack us! Then he evaporated. We slowly defeat the clockwork automatons that attack us and explore the room further. Nicodemus looks that the throne. It looks like it grew out of the floor. The black square in the room detects as transmutation. No Name has an idea, we push the constructs into the blade barrier.

Giant size MW longsword
10,000 gps in gems and jewelry
6 +1 Great Axes
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